The Road to Collection 




Introducing Phase 1

In the first step of our journey, Phase 1 is where the magic truly begins. It's all about laying down a solid foundation that the rest of your learning will be built upon. Here's what you can expect:


Learn the art of clear, compassionate communication with your horse. We'll teach you how to understand and be understood, forming a bond that goes beyond mere commands.


Dive into the mechanics that make your horse move. By understanding how the body works, you can work with your horse rather than against it, ensuring a harmonious ride.


This phase is also about fostering an authentic connection with your horse. It's not just about riding; it's about creating a partnership built on trust and understanding.


Introducing Phase 2

In this next segment, Phase 2, of "The Road to Collection," we delve deep into the world of laterals. This pivotal aspect of horse training, when executed correctly, can work wonders in enhancing your horse's strength, agility, and suppleness.

With this comprehensive course, you're perfectly poised to seamlessly integrate laterals into your training regimen, leading to optimal connection and performance with your horse and the perfect foundation for collection.

Start with the Fundamentals

A thorough exploration of what laterals are. This section will help you grasp the foundational concepts and provide a clear overview, ensuring you're fully equipped to initiate training.

Technique and

It's essential not just to understand how to teach laterals but also how to position your horse's body correctly. This segment delves into optimal body utilization in detail, ensuring a healthful and effective training experience.

Laterals as a
"Fitness Tool"

Learn how to use laterals as a instrument for enhancing your horse's fitness. By applying these techniques, your horse will become stronger, fitter, and more agile, contributing to superior performance and a happier, healthier horse.


Introducing Phase 3

In the following segment, Phase 3, of "The Road to Collection," we explore the intricate concept of collection in training. Collection is a crucial element that brings out the highest level of harmony and balance in a horse's movement. It's the pinnacle of training where the horse exhibits controlled power, responsiveness, and grace.

Through this practical course, you'll gain insights into the art of achieving collection, a state where your horse moves with maximum efficiency and minimal effort. The course is designed to guide you through the necessary steps to develop your horse's physical and mental abilities, leading to a profound connection, both physical as well as emotional. This journey towards collection not only enhances your horse's capabilities but also deepens the bond and understanding between horse and rider.

Optimal connection, communication and biomechanics

Progress towards collection by optimising and refining all the previous from phase 1 and 2 and integrate it with the basic responses, exercises and the foundational principles of the lateral movements.

Collection =
Self-carriage, lightness and responsiveness

Explore the nuances of collection, developing self-carriage, and achieving lightness and responsiveness.

Mastery leads
to harmony

And harmony leads to mastery. Master the art of creating harmony and balance between you and your horse.

The Road to Collection

In this online program, you will be immersed in Kelly's training philosophy and techniques. She teaches you how to optimise connection, communication and biomechanics which will lead to better posture and performance.

The entire program " The Road to Collection" consist of 3 parts in total, which represent the 3 phases. 



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